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Maybe before you do anything you just wish to learn more about buying in France.

You must never buy a house in France without the right advice for the individual set of circumstances that only experience and local knowledge can bring.

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We will ensure you always have a full breakdown of all ‘add on’ costs before you take any decision to proceed on a property. This means you will know exactly what all of the costs are.

When purchasing or selling in France you need to consider:

a) net vendor price
b) notaires fees
c) government taxes
d) land division fees
e) survey fees
f) negotiation fees
g) mortgage set up and registration fees
h) fees for legal checks and inheritance advice
i) any further assistance fees if additional support is required.

A to C are absolutes and D to I are options and extras that all depend on your individual set of circumstances and your own needs. With us, you will know and agree everything that you want and know exactly what it is going to cost.

Everything you need to know in one place.