Are you a French agent?

No I am not any more now I am back in the UK.

We do offer and do lots of extra things over and above the normal service of an immobiliere for both our English speaking clients and vendors.

What is a fosse septique?

A fosse septique is an independent drainage system.

You really need to know and have someone check on all the planning, installation and use issues before you sign for any particular property in order to make sure that you will end up with a flushing loo or being able to use what is already there!

Can you organise renovations?

Yes we can. We only use local registered artisans.

Can you arrange accommodation?

We are only too pleased to take care of this. We will organise direct or we can supply lists of hotels, B & B, and self catering facilities.

Do you do the English legal work?

Whatever you want and need we can do. We have our own resources both specialist notaires in France and specialist lawyer based in the UK You do not have to use us for advice and you can always use another third party legal advisor and they will charge you accordingly. We remain totally flexible.

How much do we charge ?

Every clients needs are different but as a guideline the packages start at around £500 plus VAT.